Royal High Mazar Great White Shark

Brand: Royal High
Category: Hybrid
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Est. THC: 120 - 180 mg/g
Est. CBD: <10 mg/g
Please note that THC and CBD levels may vary.
Product Description
Mazar GWS from Royal High is an indica-dominant strain derived from the legendary Mazar-I-Sharif and Great White Shark strains. Grown in a purpose-built indoor facility by United Greeneries on Vancouver Island, before being harvested, each plant is flushed for two weeks to ensure no residual nutrients are present. The result is a better burn and a more robust flavour. The flower itself is hand-harvested, hand-groomed and machine-trimmed using a modified trimmer that removes unwanted leaves without compromising the integrity of the product. After harvest, all Royal High flower is cured for two weeks after drying to enhance the flavour, potency and overall smoking experience. It has very strong THC potency potential and features a full-bodied flavour with berry-like notes and a hint of skunk.