Storage Case (Small)

Brand: Stash Logix
Category: Child & Scent Proof
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Product Description
As a tribute to Colorado’s mining heritage and its herbal heritage, the Silverton conquers new frontiers, smell-proof and lockable. Be organized, safe, secure, and discreet. The “silver lining”, along with the rubbers seals, blocks odors and is cleanable! Includes a metal poker and an OdorPax (odor absorbing packet). The Silverton includes: - OdorPax (activated bamboo carbon) - Log-book mobile phone app - Infinitely adjustable and removable interior divider system - Newly upgraded combination lock - Rubber gasket sealing system - Metal poker for setting code on lock - "Silver lining" easily cleanable, odor-trapping, and heat-resistant - Exterior fabric - linen - 8" L x 7" W x 4 1/4" H - Assembled in the USA